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Madeline Ostermann

Madeline Ostermann

Level 3 Esthetician

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Year I started in the Industry:

Year I started at Salon De Christe:

5 Words That Describe Me:
Goofy/Silly, Compassionate, Humble, Hardworking, Fun-loving

Lash Extensions

Jane Iredale, PCA, Glo Therapeutics and Mineral Murad

Pretty much love all the skin and beauty lines!

Fun Facts:
I am a total goober at heart!  I love to be silly and laugh but also love to help people.  I love chocolate, music, art and all cute puppies.

Everyone believes they have the best dog, and no one is wrong!

My favorite product:

My proudest Moment:
Spending half a year in NY doing volunteer construction and missionary work

Social Media- Check out my work @esthetimaddieo on Instagram!