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Claire Schoene

Claire Schoene

Guest Service Specialist

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Year I started in the Industry:


Year I started at Salon De Christe:


5 Words That Describe Me:

Funny, Friendly, Hard Working, Colorful, and Helpful


High School Student (Soon to be graduate 2020)

Future 5th grade teacher

I specialize in babysitting services 

Former employee at Fritz's where I was very good at making desserts!

Fun Facts:

My favorite movie is Ratatouille!  

My favorite song is Don't take the money by the Bleachers

I love the color blue and the book Divergent!

My favorite product:

Deva Curl anything!

My proudest moment:

Getting the chance to teach a group of kids over the summer!  Got be excited for my future knowing I could make an impact!