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Addie Buckman

Addie Buckman

Guest Service Specialist

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Year I started in the Industry:

Year I started at Salon De Christe:

5 Words That Describe Me:
Funny, Laughable, Friendly, Trustworthy, Shy at first

Graduated High School at Francis Howell Central in 2018.  Doing the A+ program at St Charles Community College for 2 years and hoping to go to Texas after that.  I'm thinking about doing something in film someday.

Fun Facts:
I love purple.  I could watch Disney movies all day.  Don't be surprised if I laugh at everything.  Show me some dogs and I will go crazy because who doesn't love dogs!

My favorite product:
Aquage Silkening Oil Treatment

My proudest Moment:
Getting Bob Miller to laugh at my joke.