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Olivia Sanders

Olivia Sanders

Guest Service Specialist

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Year I started in the Industry:

Year I started at Salon De Christe:

5 Words That Describe Me:
Nice, Talkative, Smart, Polite, and Easy Going

I'm working on my Bachelor's Degree in Public Health and the moving on to Nursing school at Goldfarb.

Fun Facts:
I love horror movies, but my favorite movie is Titanic.  I'm also a huge nerd and love science and discovery shows.  I don't really have a favorite song or book because I listen to music and read books that go along with my mood which change a lot. 

My favorite product:
Oligo Purple Shampoo (Blacklight)

My proudest Moment:
When I made the decision to transfer schools and having it pay off with me making the Dean's List at my new University.